benefits of artichoke

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Pregnancy and Lactation

Benefits of Artichoke

Pregnancy and Lactation

Generally recognized as safe or used as food. Avoid dosages above those found in food because safety and efficacy are unproven. Artichokes can look a bit intimidating but, have no fear, you can master it. Start by removing the tough leaves from close to the base and trim the stem to about 2cm long (or, on good sized ones, remove the stem completely, so the artichoke will sit flat on its base).

Youthful Appearance
Digestive Health
Increased Bile Flow
Gallic Acid
Antioxidant Power of Artichokes Can Reduce Cholesterol
Cancer Prevention and Treatment
When Not to Eat Artichokes
Liver Function and Fatty Foods
Attractive vegetables
Capsules and tinctures
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