makeover tips for cheeks

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Use a shea butter and sugar scrub

Makeover Tips for Cheeks

Expert advice for choosing and using the best blushes and face bronzers.
Use a shea butter and sugar scrub

Combine 1 cup (250 ml) of melted shea butter with 3/4 cup (185 ml) granulated sugar until evenly mixed. Refrigerate this mixture until it becomes a solid, then apply it to your face after rinsing the skin with warm water. Leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.Make sure that you apply the scrub using gentle circular motions. You should also pat the skin dry with a soft towel when done.Shea butter is high in fatty acids, so it can help improve the elasticity of the skin on your cheeks. As a result, the skin looks younger and fuller.The sugar is a gentle exfoliant, so it can scrub away dead skin cells on your cheeks that would otherwise make the skin look dull and gaunt.

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Cream Blushers
People with fairer skin have cool undertones and should use mauve or pink colors
Create the look with shimmer powder
Powder Blushers
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Cheek Stains
Use honey
Pinch your cheeks
Moisturize your cheeks
Exfoliate your cheeks
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