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Ayurvedic Medicine


Mountain ebony (E), Kan˜chanara (H):

The skin of the bark of kanchanara is specifically used for treating glandular swellings especially in the lymphatic system. It is commonly used in gynaecological conditions caused by uterine congestion.

Gynaecology It is especially useful for congestion and accumulations in the pelvic cavity; fibroids, endometriosis and cysts. The dry, light and astringent properties all help to reduce kapha. It is effectively used to treat menorrhagia and leucorrhoea. Tumours Kanchanara's ability to remove accumulations in the lymphatic system indicates its use in all forms of swellings, lumps and growths; it specifically treats gandamala (cervical adenitis), apachi (chronic swollen glands) and granthi (lit. 'knot' meaning any abnormal growth). Palpable and impalpable masses are reduced. It directly reduces medas dhatu and kapha and so treats the root cause of swellings and growths and is commonly used to treat cancer and lymphadenitis. Digestion Its astringent quality works directly on purisavahasrotas and treats diarrhoea and dysentery. It has the ability to reverse prolapses and haemorrhoids. Blood Its haemostatic qualities help to stop bleeding throughout the body. It treats all forms of rakta pitta bleeding disorders from high pitta causing blood to move out of its correct channel. Lungs Its mild expectorant action coupled with its dry quality reduces avalambaka kapha in the lungs. A gargle of the decoction is useful for treating sore throats. Skin Kanchanara clears swollen, oozing and inflamed skin conditions as it is cooling and drying. It is an effective alterative and anti-inflammatory. Bones It has a direct affinity for strengthening ashti dathu and is used to treat osteoporosis (asthikas´aya).

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