ayurvedic medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


Shankhapushpi (H), Shankhahuli (H):

Shankhapushpi means 'the plant with flowers shaped like a conch'. The conch or shankha is one of Lord Shiva's sacred instruments often used in ritual worship. This is an auspicious plant. It effectively calms the nervous system.

Nerves It goes directly to majja dhatu and treats disorders of the nervous system; pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and convulsions. It enters the manovahasrotas and alleviates stress and promotes the integrity of the nervous system. Its descending nature draws the rising vata downwards and helps to clean all the dhatu. Digestion Slow digestion, water retention, borborygmus and constipation. It is specifically beneficial where digestion is upset by nervousness and anxiety. Its sweet and sara quality encourages the bowel to flow freely. Bleeding Its astringency is useful for stopping bleeding in the intestines, urinary and reproductive system. Reproduction Its affinity for the deeper tissues and s´ukra dhatu is used to promote fertility in men and women . Skin It has a useful alterative function on the rakta dhatu and benefits skin diseases with a nervous component.

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