rules to play go fish

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Know what it means to fish

Rules to play Go Fish

Know what it means to fish

If a player is asked for a card she has in her hand, she is obligated to hand over all cards of that rank. If she does not have the card, she replies, Go fish. The player who requested the card then fishes a card from the pile of extra cards called the draw pile. This gives her an extra chance to obtain a card for one of the books she is building.If a player receives the card she asked for or draws it from the pile, she gets another turn.If a player doesnt end up with the card she asked for, her turn is over.

Examine your cards
Shuffle the deck
Variant Two Keep Playing
Ask for specific cards
Play with pairs instead of books
Nominate a dealer
Know what it means to fish
Winning the Game
Deal 5 cards to each player
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