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Tips to get ready for Vacation

BEFORE you start to pack
Print Your Boarding Passes
Figure out how to get there
Know what to expect
Decide when to drive
Leave the lighters at home
Keep valuables with you
Dress for speediness
Know what to take in and out
Take the time to prepare for your trip
Manage jet lag
Take naps
Use caffeine wisely
Involve the whole family in the vacation planning process
Be flexible
Value unscheduled time
Do not go with the kids
A special tip for parents
Bring an empty water bottle
Bring your own snacks
Pack extra plastic bags
Bring a sunscreen stick rather than a bottle for sun protection
Put paper clips and duct tape on your packing list
Do not pack things you can buy there if they are not necessities
Put all toiletries in a plastic bag separate from everything possible
Roll your clothes when your packing and put your socks in your shoes
Bring versatile footwear and accessories
Use space saver bags or a compression sack
Pack at least one outfit in your carry on
Plan things from a guidebook
Make sure all your credit card companies and banks know where you are traveling and the dates
Clean the house
Keep your vacation private
Take care of yourself
Establish Travel Central
When to Go on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Finding the Best Vacation Packages in Hawaii
Prepare for Your Hawaiian Flight
Where to Stay on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Hawaiian Vacation Destinations and Activities
Packing for Your Hawaii Vacation
Dining Out in Hawaii
Enjoying Your Stay in Hawaii
Planning for the Unexpected on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Getting Ready to Go Home After Your Vacation
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