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Though modern links to Satan have painted a negative picture of Hades, he was not particularly malevolent. Though men feared to speak his name for fear of death, he was also called a good god for sending his wealth upward into the realm of the living. His Roman name, Pluto, came from his Greek title, Plouton, meaning Lord of Riches.

Hadess dominion was the underworld, but he also held power over the spoils of the earth, including precious metals and lifegiving soil. He was sometimes depicted as a regal figure pouring forth wealth from the cornucopia.
The fact that Hadess realm is the underworld is nothing more than bad luck. Along with his brothers, Hades defeated their evil father, Kronos. With the world now without a ruler, the siblings drew lots to decide who would have dominion over its various realms. Hades drew the worst lot, the underworld.

Even his famed abduction of Persephone was carried out because Zeus had betrothed her to him. Zeus had done so without her mother, Demeters, permission. Knowing she would object, Hades thought it best to forcefully take the daughter. He and Persephone then ruled the underworld together, at times even moved by compassion to release souls from his grasp.
The musician Orpheus, longing for the return of his beloved after she was poisoned by a snake, journeyed to the underworld and asked them to return her to life. They were so moved by his pleas that they allowed him to take his love back to the world. The only condition was that he could not look back at her until they were free of Hadess domain. Orpheus failed at resurrecting his beloved when his concern for her wellbeing overcame his good sense, and he turned to check on her.

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