benefits of mangosteen

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A part of the traditional medicine

Benefits of Mangosteen

A part of the traditional medicine

Mangosteen has been a part of the traditional medicine of various Asian countries for a very long time. Different parts of mangosteen fruit and plant were used in the treatment of various diseases and disorders. While the dried powder of mangosteen rind was used in the treatment of dysentery, its paste was used to treat eczema and some other skin disorders. A decoction made of mangosteen rind was used to treat diarrhea, whereas a decoction made of mangosteen roots was used for regulating menstruation. In the Philippines, people used to make a decoction of mangosteen leaves and bark, which was beneficial in bringing down body temperature and also to treat thrush, dysentery, diarrhea and urinary disorders.

Uses for Mangosteen
Food Uses
Xanthones in Mangosteen
What is the history behind it
Gum disease
Heal nerve damage
Body weight
Anti inflammatory
Reduce the toothache
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