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A good night s sleep Eat before bed

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A good night s sleep Eat before bed

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps reduce anxiety and elevate serotonin, a brain chemical that promotes relaxation. In a recent study, mild insomniacs who ate a tryptophan-rich snack before bed reported more restful sleep and enhanced alertness next morning. Try a small chicken, tuna, or egg sandwich on wholemeal bread (carbs promote sleepiness), a banana, glass of milk, oat cake, or handful of almonds or sunflower seeds.

Lifting mood Plan to travel
Good digestion Probiotic yogurt
Keeping joints moving Consider supplements
Community spirit Make friends online
Detoxing Detox with the seasons
Banishing backache Back rub
Protecting bones Soak up some sun
A good night s sleep Natural rhythms
Healthy heart Sleep well
De stressing Attend a concert
Stop Smoking Nicotine replacement
Keeping a clear head Chew leaves
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