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Friendship Secrets

Friendship Day

Friendship day is a day on which we celebrate the most important relationship in our life .
Friendship Secrets

It is rightly said that one can share any secret with a true friend. He may know your deepest fears and weaknesses and yet will never take advantage of you. However, keeping a friend secrets to you and not telling the world about is what makes the bond grow strong and last forever. You need to develop a trust and mutual understanding before you start sharing secrets with each other. With friends, secret talks never seem to end and it can get really amusing to know what has been going on in your friend mind.There is a phase in life especially from the teenage when one starts having a personal periphery in life and parents are excluded from it. It is because there are certain things that they can understand and there are certain issues which we can discuss with them. It is then when the friends become the best secret sharers. They are they one where one confides one feeling and best kept secrets. It is done with a trust that the friend who is confided into would never a breach your trust.

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