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How To Make A Friendship Day Bouquet

Friendship Day


How To Make A Friendship Day Bouquet

A flower bouquet made by you would really a special gift for your friend. Here are the instructions for making a special flower bouquet for your friend on this occasion.

  • Collect 13 fresh rose flowers and soak them in a preservative solution for some hours so the bouquet lasts for a long time.
  • Once you take out the flowers from water, loosely wrap the wire throughout the length of the stems in a spiral mode.
  • Now make sure that you cut the stems across the bottom before you wrap it up in a tape. You can do it by wrapping a piece of floral tape around the top of the wire and pressing it in place. Once you have done this, turn the stems and stretch and pull the tape in downward direction.
  • Now wrap the wire around the stem without making buckles or gaps and glue the end of a 1 inch ribbon to the bottom of the flower stem. Trim the extra ribbon.
  • You can add transparent floral cover to the flowers if you want.

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