rules to play bocce ball

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After the jack is successfully thrown

Rules to play Bocce Ball

After the jack is successfully thrown

The team that threw out the jack is responsible for throwing out the first bocce ball. The aim is to get the bocce ball as close to the jack as possible. Players who throw out the bocce ball must stand behind the fault line, which is approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) above the bottom of the baseboard.
There are several ways to throw a bocce ball. Most tend to throw the bocce underhanded, with their palm cupping the underside of the ball, and either lobbing the ball higher into the air or bowling the ball from closer to the ground. Some, however, choose to throw the ball cupping it from the top instead of from the bottom, and lobbing it the same way they would have an underhand throw.

known as the court
Bocce Ball Scoring
Surfaces Courts
Gather your bocce ball set
Coin toss
Throw out the jack
Start of Match
Score one point
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