benefits of elderberry

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Viburnic acid and tannin

Benefits of Elderberry

Viburnic acid and tannin

Present in elderberries, these elements improve breathing and provide relief from nasal congestion. elderberry extract (ViraBLOC) helped decrease the length of the flu within 24hours of symptoms beginning. Within the laboratory, one study indicated that elderberry could destroy the H1N1 virus in test tubes, but investigators do not know whether it will work against H1N1 in individuals.

Elderberry Syrup
Reduce the onset of flu symptoms
Colds and Flu
Common Name
The leaves of elderberry
How does it work
Elderberries are rich in the phytochemicals
Elderberry tree are used for making medicines
Elderberry protects and promotes good circulation
Helps in treating many common diseases
Immune System Booster
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