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Beat The Heat

Come summer and it's time to think of ways to beat the heat. Here are few innovative ways.
1. Take adequate rest
Fatigue takes over your body in hot weather so take adequate rest in short spells and more often.
2. Have pool party
It is a perfect time to have a pool party. Have it late evening and cool yourself with friends over a number of interesting mocktails and salads.
3. Hats all the way
Don't forget to carry your hat while going out in the sun. Broad rimmed hats not only provide shade but also save you from tan.
4. Keep the makeup light
Do not wear heavy make-up on a hot day. The chemicals in the make-up make you sweat a lot. Wear light make-up if you have to and keep the cosmetics in a refrigerator. You will feel better while applying it.
5. Wear light jewellary
Mettalic jewellery is a strict no-no in the heat. The metal gets heated quickly making you feeling hotter.
6. Wear the right shoes
Wear the right kind of footware in summers. Although slip - ons or sandals are great, they tan your feet to no end. Wear proper shoes with socks to avoid direct heat or sunrays on your feet.
7. Shower and be cool
Take a shower two to three timese in a day to beat the heat and stay refreshed.
8. Carry a bottle of energy drink
When you sweat, you lose some amount of salt and minerals too. To restore the salt and minerals balance in the body, add glucose to water. Refrigerate it and carry it when you go out in the sun.
9. Cool as a cucumber
Cucumbers are great coolers. Eat cucumbers which have a high content of water. Close your eyes and place roundels of cucumbers on them for a few minutes. It refreshes your eyes and makes you feel cool.
10. Park your car in shade
Try to find a place in the shade so that whenyou drive it again, it isn't extremely hot inside the car.

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