simple tips to living longer

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Feel the world with your toes

Simple Tips To Living Longer

Simple Ways To Live A Long And Healthy Life.
Feel the world with your toes

Ever wondered why your grandparents often asked you to walk on the grass for at least few minutes every morning and evening? Well, this is because walking bare foot on green grass relaxes ones mind and rejuvenates the senses. Morning sun is touted to be extremely good for health as it replenishes the vitamin D stores in the body. When walking bare foot on the grass, varied points in the feet get stimulated due to the process of reflexology. These points are connected to various parts and organs of the body and help them to function better, distress and relax your mind.

A Morning Stretch
Dont smoke
Laugh Out Loud
Quit the booze
Just relax
Start with a salad
Dont eat and sleep
Get busy
Dance like no ones watching
Clean your mits
Protect your heart
Stay out of the sun
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