simple tips to living longer

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Alone or leave it alone

Simple Tips To Living Longer

Simple Ways To Live A Long And Healthy Life.
Alone or leave it alone

Water melons are very simple and easy to digest. This is mainly because they are 90 percent water. So melons digest almost immediately with virtually no need for any digestive action by the stomach. But they can pass through the digestive system smoothly and very quickly, only when the stomach is otherwise empty. When combined with other foods that need complex digestive processes, melon is not able to pass as quickly and literally gets stuck. It has to wait in the stomach for the other food stuff to be properly digested before it can move forward. As the melon sits in the stomach, it rapidly ferments and causes gas and bloating. Hence all type of melons should be eaten at least an hour away from any kind of other food stuff.

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Live healthy live longer
Sleep the right way
Alone or leave it alone
The Sound of Silence
Dont eat and sleep
Eat a Salmon
Protect your heart
Feel the world with your toes
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