simple tips to living longer

Drink Green Tea

Simple Tips To Living Longer

Simple Ways To Live A Long And Healthy Life.
Drink Green Tea

Green tea finds its origin in China. However, its name has become synonymous within several Asian cultures. Nowadays, green tea has also grown widely popular in western nations. Green tea is manufactured using the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. These leaves are subjected to minimum oxidation while processing. Green tea is used as raw material in various health foods, beverages, cosmetic items, and dietary supplements. It is also supposed to lessen the risk of cancer and heart disease amongst regular consumers of the drink. Green tea extract contains caffeine and polyphenols which induces thermogenesis and stimulates fat oxidation, thus boosting metabolism and reducing weight.

Remember to breathe
A Morning Stretch
Focus on fitness
Dont smoke
Reach out
Look after your choppers
Find 30
Feel the world with your toes
Dont overeat
Dont eat and sleep
Quit the booze
Drink Green Tea
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