how to use social networking sites for beginners

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The second way to locate and keep track of your applications is this easy step

How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

The second way to locate and keep track of your applications is this easy step

Up in the top left corner in your home page, you will see Account. Click on this and scroll down to Privacy Settings. At the bottom page in privacy settings, you will find where it says Apps and Web, click this. The Apps and Web menu will show you exactly what applications you currently have; also it will tell you the last time that you were using that application. Let us just say by some chance, that you are tired of using that app and you want to get rid of it. You can either go to Edit Your Settings under the Apps or Web menu, find that application and click on the X button, or you can delete it by clicking on the application and click remove app.

This will be where you add a photo to your profile
How to Use fb
Facebook Mobile
The Like Button
New Facebook Account Set Up
News Feed Ticker Wall Profile Timeline
Timeline and Profile All about You
The next page will bring three steps the first one is Find friends
Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets
Facebook Overview
Facebook Communication System Status Updates
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