tips to succeed in sales

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Tips to succeed in Sales

The secret to success in sales lies in creating value for your customer.
1. Use Voicemail Wisely
Leaving voice mail messages is not a the best way to develop new customers, but it is a great way to keep in contact with those customers with whom you already have a relationship but may not deal with on a frequent basis .
2. Learn the Customer
Every time youre with a customer, make it a point to learn something personal and professional about them. Dont allow your time together to be so focused on the immediate business opportunity that you miss out on additional, long term information. Its the long term information you gain that will help you retain the customer, and the longer you have a customer, the more likely they are to refer others to you.
When youre gathering information about the person, look for items that are of common interest to you both. These are the items that will help you propel the business relationship to the next level.
3. A Perception is Worth a Thousand Words
Recently, I stopped by a computer store to have my PC worked on and the clerk proved to be anything but customer friendly. When she did finally speak to me, she told me I would need to leave my PC at the store for at least 3 5 days and that I should be prepared to have everything wiped off the computer. Her comments were not very reassuring, and as I left the store, I mulled over my decision to leave the PC with them. Within an hour, I returned to the store, picked up the PC and took it to another store where I received the personal service I was looking for.
Its ironic to think that the first computer store probably would have done the same repair as the second store, yet the second store got my business and all my future business based strictly on the personal service of the clerk.
4. Opening the Sales Call
Always start off a sales call by covering three things: 1. Gain a clear understanding of the amount of time the call will take. 2. Make sure the customer knows what the objective of the call is. 3. Relate the reason for the current sales call to the previous sales call you had with the person, or to information you may have sent them.
Connecting the current sales call to something previous gives the customer the comfort of knowing you remember fully everything that may have already occurred. This also gives the customer the comfort of knowing you respect their time and that whatever is decided in this current meeting will be acted upon by you.
5. Your Price is Not High Enough
OK, so youve never heard that line, but wouldnt it be great to hear it? A price can never be too high
6. Celebrate Your Customers Anniversary
For salespeople who have retained customers for a period of years, its special to recognize them and their relationship with you. Its also a great way for your customers to realize how much you think of them and a great way for you to take the relationship to an even higher level through this personalized type of communication.
7. Hand Written Business Cards
Next time youre about to give someone your business card, take a moment to personalize it. If you take a moment to jot on the card your cell number, a home phone number, or some other piece of information that is not already on the card, you will suddenly make the person to whom youre talking feel very special. Chances are the person will never call you on the hand written phone numbers, but simply writing them on the card gives the person the feeling that you are placing them in high regard compared with others who you meet.
8. Speak With Your Face
Im constantly amazed at the number of times I run across salespeople who clearly dont believe what theyre saying. It is easy to spot in the persons face and body language. They take on a whole host of non verbals, ranging from non expressive smiles with tight lips to eyes that lack any sense of direction.
When were selling to a customer in person or on the phone, we have to make sure our entire face reflects the enthusiasm and excitement of our words. Why would we expect a person to buy from us if were not connected to and excited about what were selling?
9. Umbrella Questions
Dont forget to use umbrella questions on every sales call. Umbrella questions are questions that work in any selling situation and are designed to provide you with additional information.
Examples of umbrella questions include: Why? Tell me more. Share with me another example. Explain further. Are there some other examples you could share with me?
You get the idea
10. Customers Goals
Do you know what goals your customers have? Just think how much more effective you could be if you knew the goals of the person to whom you are selling. Find out what their personal and business goals are for the current and upcoming year by asking questions and listening to their answers. In addition, let them know that you have set goals for yourself. Explain your belief that it is essential for you to help your customers achieve their goals in order for you to achieve your own.

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