benefits of nutmeg

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Copper and Manganese

Benefits of Nutmeg

Copper and Manganese

Nutmeg seed also offers health benefits by boosting your mineral intake, particularly copper and manganese. Both minerals help keep your skeleton strong and heathy. Manganese also helps you synthesize sex hormones, while copper boosts your immune system. A serving of ground nutmeg seed contains 0.41 milligram of manganese 23 and 18 percent of the recommended daily manganese intakes for women and men, respectively as well as 144 micrograms of copper, or 16 percent of the recommended daily intake.

Liver and Kidney Detox
Menstrual Cramps
Sleep Aid
Brain Tonic
Nutmeg benefits to heart
Blood Circulation
Whiter teeth
Indigestion Relief
Nutmeg powder
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