most powerful weapons in history

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DSR50 Sniper Rifle

Most Powerful Weapons In History

Many interesting weapons came out of ancient India, but among the most dangerous was the haladie.
DSR50 Sniper Rifle

The DSR50 is one of many kinds of sniper rifles. It fires the very powerful .50 caliber round with freefloating barrel technology and great accuracy. Its lightweight and short in length with an adjustable butt sock and cheek piece. They do not recoil or jump when fired, one of the many reasons why one of these can cost up to $25,000.

Schwerer Gustav and Dora
DSR50 Sniper Rifle
Maxim Machine Gun
The Predator and Predator B aka The Reaper
Monster Mortar
P 270 Moskit
Tsar Cannon
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier
MOAB GBU 43 B Massive Ordinance
Karl Gerat
RPG 71
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