tips to get ready for foreign trip

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Tips to get ready for Foreign Trip

A state visit is a formal visit by a foreign head of state to another nation.

Decide beforehand how you will get cash. If you want a little local currency to get you through the first day or so convert your money at a major hometown bank. Airport converting counters carry fees and can be confusing if you do not speak the language. A leftover coin or two is a fun memento, but $40 in leftover dinar? Not so much.

Ask about your options
Rake It In
Study up on the language
Call for help
Pack wisely
Your health
Take notes
BYO blanket and disinfecting wipes too
Understand the local food scene plan ahead of time to stay hydrated and like a good girl scout be prepared
Self reflection
Bring a travel first aid kit
Do not learn the hard way what cellphone use overseas will cost
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