how to do computer yoga

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Stop your thinking for one minute

How to Do Computer Yoga

Computer yoga is an easy and enjoyable way of unwinding at the desk, helping your body.
Stop your thinking for one minute

Simply sit there. Dont think.What do you have to take in your life? Take it. What is your positive sentence now? What helps you to stay positive through your day and your life? For example, My positive sentence is: I am optimistic. I follow my way with optimism.

Hip Opener Variation
Begin by understanding that this computer meditation
Spontaneous Breathing
Tension releasing exercises for the arms and shoulders
Get inner peace
Simple Poses on the Computer
Hamstring Stretch continuation
Diamond Pose Vajrasana
Massageyour body from head to feet
Send light or pray for happiness peace love to all beings
Head Rolling
Benefits of Yoga for Computer Users
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