how to do computer yoga

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Benefits of Yoga for Computer Users

How to Do Computer Yoga

Computer yoga is an easy and enjoyable way of unwinding at the desk, helping your body.
Benefits of Yoga for Computer Users

Yoga is a form of exercise, physically, mentally and spiritually that can help to alleviate any chronic pain felt by anyone who spends too much time on the computer. Not only can yoga help decrease chronic pain your body accumulates from all the hours spent on the computer, it can also help to increase circulation, relieve eyestrain, eye fatigue and even headaches. Writers who spend hours thinking and typing on the computer can use the relaxation and meditation exercises from yoga while their bodies will definitely appreciate the rest and the reduction of tension in the muscles. An hour of yoga each day, or even 3 4 hours a week is enough to help relieve computer users pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Yoga for Computer Users
Simple Poses on the Computer
Hamstring Stretch Variation
Ankle to Knee
Triangle Pose Trikonasana
Shoulder Rolling
How to Do Computer Yoga
Calm your mind
Hip Opener continued
Connect yourself with the Enlightened Saints or God or other entity Say
Diamond Pose Vajrasana
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