rules to play arm wrestling

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The toproll

Rules to play Arm Wrestling

The toproll

The Toproll is a good move for beating your inexperienced friends. This move relies more on leverage than strength, so you can even use it to beat your older siblings. The goal of the Toproll is to put pressure on your opponents fingers, so their hand opens up and you can gain leverage. The key to the toproll is to move quickly and get high on your opponents hand. Once youve opened up their hand, you should be able to move further out on their fingers, making it very difficult for them to outmuscle you, even if theyre stronger. The higher you get, the more leverage you gain on your opponents arm and the easier he or she is to take down.

Upper arm
The toproll
Arm length give an advantage
The press
Curl your thumb
Arm wrestling association
Get started
Common Winning and Losing Rules
The hook
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