things successful teachers do differently

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Be their friend but dont go too far

Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

Things Successful Teachers Do Differently
Be their friend but dont go too far

Students just don't like when their teacher starts behaving like a student himself. Stay professional, help students with schoolwork, listen to them, talk about their lives, but remember who you are. Even if you are a young specialist, and you are almost of the same age with your students, there is no need to use all those slang words (even if you use them in your everyday life). Your students will find it rude and unprofessional. As far as you understand, this is not the best method to get a good reputation. Your students just will not take you seriously.

Teach in a variety of ways
A good teacher is an assertive teacher
Successful teachers have clear objectives
Successful teachers communicate with parents
Successful teachers take time to explore new tools
Learning should be hard at first
Successful teachers know when to listen to students and when to ignore them
Have well defined consequences
Successful teachers are masters of their subject
Consider giving quizzes
Assign relevant homework
Build relationships with colleagues and parents
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