precautions while using internet banking

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Make sure to turn off file sharing and network discovery

Precautions while using Internet Banking

Instructions for safe banking and precautions while operating internet banking.
Make sure to turn off file sharing and network discovery

These both put your files and system at risk for being opened by anyone on the wireless network, not just hackers. In Windows, these options can be found under Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. In Mac OS X, they are under System Preferences > Sharing. If you are within range of public wireless networks but don t need to be online, turn off your wireless capabilities altogether. On some devices, there is simply an on/off switch; on others, you will need to configure this yourself (ex. on a Mac, click the Wi Fi icon and turn off AirPort).

Read key information about the bank posted on its Web site
Always check for secure transaction info
keep your username and passwords secret
Always access our internet banking site
Check your secure connection
Avoid using shared computers
Beware of questionable emails
Ignore any e mail asking for your password or PIN
Inform your web bank immediately
Automatic termination of your connection
Single Use Log In PIN
Never write down or reveal your security details to anyone
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