precautions while using internet banking

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Check the panel whenever you log in

Precautions while using Internet Banking

Instructions for safe banking and precautions while operating internet banking.
Check the panel whenever you log in

If your bank has logged in panel, check the panel whenever you log in. If you notice irregularities (like you are logging in after two days, but the panel says you logged in that morning!), report the matter at once to the bank and change your password immediately.

Instant Notification
Dont use the embedded links
Beware of questionable emails
Tips for Your Computer Security
Necessary SSL connection
Protect yourself from fraudulent Web sites
Inform your web bank immediately
General security
Ignore any e mail asking for your password or PIN
Read key information about the bank posted on its Web site
Automatic termination of your connection
Treat e mails you receive with caution
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