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Get regular ear and hearing checkups

Healthy Ear

Get regular ear and hearing checkups

As you age, you will need a baseline hearing test so that you can start to measure and deal with any hearing loss that may be happening. Its also good to have your ears physically examined to make sure theres no wax build-up. Not everyone needs cleanings. Some people need them every few months, while others may need them just once in a lifetime, Dr. Alexiades says. People with hairy or narrow ear canals can be predisposed to wax build up.

Stay alert to the signs
Treating an Ear Infection
The Facts on Earwax
Teach proper nose blowing technique
Follow through on the doctors instructions
Watch the volume when using earbuds or headphones
General Care
Swimmers Ear
Protecting Your Ears
ear wax look
Dont put cotton swabs into your ear canals
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