rules to play arm wrestling

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Arm wrestling

Rules to play Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling

Various factors can play a part in ones success in arm wrestling. In general Males are stronger, thus own a greater chance at beating a female in arm wreseling. Technique and overall arm strength are the two greatest contributing factors to winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors such as the length of an arm wrestlers arm, his her muscle and arm mass density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, reaction time, as well as countless other traits, can add to the advantages of one arm wrestler over another. It is sometimes used to prove who is stronger between two or more people. In competitive arm wrestling, as sanctioned by the United States Armwrestling Federation USAF, arm wrestling is performed with both competitors standing up with their arms placed on a tournament arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling tournaments are also divided into weight classes as well as left and right handed divisions. Furthermore, strict rules such as fouls given to penalties such as the competitors elbow leaving a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times, or a false start, and trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent may result in a loss at the table. Paraphrasing USAF rules, arm wrestlers must straighten their wrists without a time lapse of one minute during competition.

Equipment specs
Raise your wrist
Following techniques
Basic setup
Clothing requirements
Associated injury
Number in a team
Arm wrestling association
The press
Common Winning and Losing Rules
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