rules to play arm wrestling

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Rules to play Arm Wrestling

1. Arm wrestling
Various factors can play a part in ones success in arm wrestling. In general Males are stronger, thus own a greater chance at beating a female in arm wreseling. Technique and overall arm strength are the two greatest contributing factors to winning an arm wrestling match. Other factors such as the length of an arm wrestlers arm, his her muscle and arm mass density, hand grip size, wrist endurance and flexibility, reaction time, as well as countless other traits, can add to the advantages of one arm wrestler over another. It is sometimes used to prove who is stronger between two or more people. In competitive arm wrestling, as sanctioned by the United States Armwrestling Federation USAF, arm wrestling is performed with both competitors standing up with their arms placed on a tournament arm wrestling table. Arm wrestling tournaments are also divided into weight classes as well as left and right handed divisions. Furthermore, strict rules such as fouls given to penalties such as the competitors elbow leaving a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times, or a false start, and trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent may result in a loss at the table. Paraphrasing USAF rules, arm wrestlers must straighten their wrists without a time lapse of one minute during competition.
2. Arm wrestling association
Association is a New York State registered not for profit sports entertainment organization, dedicated to the regional promotion of arm wrestling in New York for 37 years. The NYAWA features an experienced in house staff and consultants which include Borough captains, state and regional directors, public relations, marketing, advertising, clipping services, media broadcast faxing, event coordinators, stage directors, mailing list and membership control, DJs, arm wrestling instructors, referees, emcees, registration personnel, writers, website editor and data processor, scorekeepers, photographers, videographers, stage hands, medics, T shirt logo artist, special award designers and on line magazine and newsletter editorial staff. New York Arm Wrestling
3. Right foot forward
Place your right foot forward if you wrestle with your right arm, and vice versa. Your weight will shift from your forward foot to your back foot.
4. Curl your thumb
After both people bring their hands together, put your thumb underneath your fingers. Doing this helps will help execute a technique called the top roll.
5. Upper arm
Keep your upper arm close to your body. This way, your body and arm strength will be used at the same time, rather than using your arm strength alone.
6. Raise your wrist
In turn, bending the other persons wrist forward, will make your grip stronger, as they struggle to keep their grip. If you cant do this, just keep your wrist straight.
7. Following techniques
The hook This technique is useful if youre as strong as your opponent in either forearm strength, bicep strength, or both.Curl inwards your wrist. This will extend your opponents arm, but will require you to put a lot of bicep power in.Maintain wrist contact throughout the match so that force is delivered through the wrists, rather than the hands.Get your body especially the shoulder over your arm and keep your body and arm close together.Drag your opponent towards you as you push it down.The top roll This move is more about leverage than brute strength. You put pressure on your opponents hand, forcing it open and making it more difficult for him to use his muscles.

Get your elbows close together. The resulting height gives you more of an advantage. Achieve as high a grip as possible on their hand.As soon as you hear the word go pull your hand towards you, pulling your opponents hand away from their body. This can help you get a higher grip.[8] In this technique you will pull your body back.As you push their hand down, pull the opponents wrist back. Their palm should rotate towards the ceiling.

8. Competitive styles
John Brzenk is known mostly for his array of techniques which change almost every time he is engaged in competition, even with the same opponent within the same match. As of Summer 2008, John Brzenk is ranked in North America.[citation needed] Ron Bath is known for his use of the Top Roll technique which emphasizes a roll of the wrist as he brings the opponents wrist down.[citation needed] Travis Bagent, like Brzenk, is known for his wide array of techniques, coupled with his massive strength and explosive style.[citation needed] Many of Bagents matches have ended in seconds. However, Bagent is most well known for his colorful remarks and rather rude comments against his opponents.[citation needed] Bagent is considered the best left handed arm wrestler in the world and is currently ranked second overall in North America, as of summer of 2008.
9. Associated injury
Arm wrestling puts enormous torque twist on the upper arms humerus bone to a degree seen in few other physical activities.Most peoples bones are not accustomed to being significantly stressed in this direction, and injuries can occur. The arm typically fails because of a diagonal break at or below the midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow.
10. The hook
The Hook is the most common move in arm wrestling and the one you see the most in competitions and on TV. To perform the hook, you curl your wrist as hard as you can and get your body over your arm. Keep your arm close to your body and pin your opponent by pushing downing with your arm and body. To be successful with the Hook, you should be stronger than your opponent and have good strength in your biceps and forearms.

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