reasons tim tebow breaks the mold

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Makes Believers Out of Us

Reasons Tim Tebow Breaks The Mold

There are probably very few places in the world where the Tim Tebow.
Makes Believers Out of Us

No matter what you think of Tim, you cant deny that he consistently defies the odds. When the doctors said he shouldnt be bornhe was, when the critics said a homeschooler could never be a great athletehe won the Heisman, when they told him he couldnt write John 316 on his eyeblack anymorehe wrote it on the field (threw 316 yards, averaged 31.6 yards per completion and TV ratings for the playoff game vs the Steelers peaked at 31.6 million). As Marvel Comics Bill Roseman said, Like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories, Tim Tebow has fans around the world on the edge of our seats believing that in our own lives when time is running out and all looks lost, we can dig deep inside and use our various strengths to triumph over insurmountable odds.

Played on a Broken Fibula
Builds Hospitals
Wrote a Book
Makes Believers Out of Us
Made Florida s All Century Team
Impacts Legislation
Highest SPARQ rating of any QB
He s a Superhero
Born in the Philippines
Action Figure
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