ways your it team makes you look like a hero

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The team acts like theyre the best

Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero

The team acts like theyre the best

My colleagues are committed to the concept that we act, every day, like a top one percent firm (the Harvard Business School of IT services) and that we make a positive impact, said Ken Brindamour (@kenbrindamour), SVP for service delivery, Atrion. They are phenomenal at detailed execution (I often gloss over the details); they are super attuned to whats going on with the team (I might be overly focused on clients or numbers); and they get stuff done (I set a direction and they make it happen).

They accept constructive criticism and act on it
They shine
They are a motley crew with varied strengths
They are informed and aware of organizational goals
They measure success
The team works better than the individual
They offer ideas
They learn from failure
They dont just sell services They scope client needs
They are proactive about project planning
They make it look easy
They allow you to deliver
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