ways your it team makes you look like a hero

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They anticipate organizational needs

Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero

They anticipate organizational needs

The best way my team makes me look like a hero is by anticipating what the organization will want to have before the organization realizes it, and building the capability to satisfy that need in a pleasantly surprising fashion, offered Andy Ellis (@CSOAndy), CSO, Akamai. Andrew Auderieth (@datarealm), president, Datarealm, concurred: The single most effective action anyone on our team can do is prevent an issue or concern proactively.

They focus on clients
They accept constructive criticism and act on it
They are proactive about project planning
The team acts like theyre the best
They are informed and aware of organizational goals
They are a motley crew with varied strengths
They understand the business
They offer ideas
They shine
They look out for each other
They keep the business safe and operational
They allow you to deliver
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