benefits of dates

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Benefits of Dates


Dried fruit is produced in most regions of the world, and consumption occurs in all cultures and demographic segments. In the United States, Americans consumed an average of 2.18lb (1kg) (processed weight) of dried fruit in 2006.Raisinsaccounted for about two thirds of this. California produces the largest percentage of the US and the worlds[citation needed] dried fruit crop. It accounts for over 99% of the US crop of raisins and dried plums, 98% of dried figs, 96% of dried peaches, 92% of apricots and over 90% of dates. Most of California dried fruit production is centered in the San Joaquin Valley where the soil and climate, especially the hot, dry summers, provide ideal growing conditions. While these fruits were commonly dried in the sun in the past, now only raisins are almost entirely naturally sundried.

Weight Gain
Bone Health and Strength
Cures Intoxication
Lower Triglycerides
Disadvantage of Dates
Nervous System Health
Intestinal Disorders
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