ways to be a better parent

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Remind Them

Ways to Be a Better Parent

How to Be a Better Parent. Let your kids get bored, don't solve all their problems.
Remind Them

Although no parent wants to be a nag, kids need guidance and gentle reminders about rules, limits, and appropriate behaviors. Steering kids toward healthy habits, and reinforcing those habits along the way, will teach them the principles of moderation, discretion, consistency, and self-discipline. Over time, and with your help, kids will develop their own sense of self-control and self-regulation, which will allow them to set healthy limits for themselves.

Dont raise a spoiled kid
Be vigilant about safety
Set up a gratitude circle every night at dinner
Serve a food again and again
Always tell the truth
Keep your relationship alive
Avoid food fights
Gossip about your kids
Crack Them Up
Avoid Comparisons and Labels
Write down three things that went right every night
Keep in mind what grandmoms always say
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