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Your Feelings

Promise Day

Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February worldwide during the fifth day of Valentine week.
Your Feelings

Many people make promises because they think the promise will make someone happy. Explain that his promises do not make you happy because you doubt that he will carry them out. Clarify that when he breaks a promise, his actions make you feel devalued, unimportant to him and angry because he has let you down again. Turn the tables and ask him how he would feel if you made promises you didnt keep. Ask him to consider your feelings before he promises something that he might not be able to deliver on.

The Value of His Word
Promise Day Handmade Card
chocolate in a Basket
I cant live without you
You are just so hot
My Promise To You
Chocolates with Promise Cards
I dont ever want to hurt you
You mean everything to me
Your Feelings
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