tips to get ready for study abroad

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Learning the Ropes of Global Exchange

Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States .
Learning the Ropes of Global Exchange

Recently, our family participated in an exchange program with a sister city organization in our town. Little did we know all of the planning that goes into sending a son or daughter to another country. We learned a lot along the way, and so will you. Its all about planning, making good decisions, and keeping everything organized and ready to go. Travel documents. Itinerary. Local currency. A contingency plan. These are just some of the essential ingredients for the trip ahead. So are electrical adaptors, lap tops, cell phone plans, and other devices. You have to ensure that your world traveller knows a little bit about the country he or she is visiting, how to get there and how best to travel within or outside of the host country. You have to pack just the right things for the trip, and not much more. These are just some the issues that arise in foreign exchange decision making.

Install Skype on your computer and keep your Facebook updated
Invest in smart travel strategies
Buy a travel book for your new country/town or about the continent
Pack thinking about mix and matching
Bring something small from home
Get the right travel documents
Pick a Place that is Relevant
Choose carefully Make sure the program is a good match for your son or daughter s academic and personal goals
Take a little bit of cash to last you until you can go into an ATM
If you don
Find a student job or volunteer
Discuss safety and emergency plan
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