tips to get ready for study abroad

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Pack carefully

Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States .
Pack carefully

You need to approach packing like a military operation. Rule of thumb? Less is more. Develop a checklist for what you absolutely-need-and-nothing-more. Distinguish what you'll carry onto the plane and what will be checked with the airline. For checked bags, put a limit on the number of pants, shirts, shoes, socks, and other items to be placed in the bag. Toiletries can be checked, but make sure everything is placed in a plastic or see-through bag to prevent spills. Include any gifts for the host country in this bag, but nothing that's breakable or delicate. If the student expects to bring home several items on his or her return trip, you can also pack a compressed duffel bag that can be checked or carried onto the return flight. For carry on bags, include reading material, medication (and RxPs for medication), OTC medication (like Tylenol or Advil, bandaids, anti-bacterial wipes, etc.) snacks, iPod or computer, among other items the student will need on his or her departure and return trips. REI has some great travel accessories that can be packed in the carry on bag, like mini pillows, blankets, and more. Passport, money and other travel documents (like a driver's license, student ID, etc.) should be placed in a bag (or card holder) that the student can wear around his/her neck.

Stay positive do not panic
Bring something small from home
When you arrive treat your jet lag if you have any Then go ahead and explore the town
Determine the best way to communicate and do this well in advance of the trip
Purchase any items of clothing you might need
Invest in smart travel strategies
Pack carefully
Learning the Ropes of Global Exchange
Find a student job or volunteer
Make new friends and be sociable
Get the right travel documents
Google your new town
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