the top 15 manliest movies ever made

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The Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made


Who likes revisionist history as much as I do? Obviously if you enjoy most of the historical films on this list, you really dont mind the filmmakers fudging up actual facts a little bit. But, really, who cares as long as theres nonstop action! And Mel Gibsons Academy Award winning film of the short, violent Scottish uprising against the English throne led by William The Pretender Wallace is the epitome of nonstop action and constant male bonding. What sets Braveheart apart from most of the films on this list is the epic, extremely graphic battle scenes, all of which were painstakingly directed using hundreds of extras by Mel Gibson. No, Braveheart is far from historically accurate, but thanks to Gibsons keen eye for wholesale blood and violence, youll be far too wrapped up in the battle scenes to actually care about the story.

Die Hard
The French Connection
The Clash Of The Titians
Fight Club
Raging Bull
True Grit
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
The Rambo Franchise
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