prevent dengue

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Clear and Remove Stagnant Water

Prevent Dengue

Clear and Remove Stagnant Water

This is the common root cause of the building up of nest of mosquitoes. Check canals and scupper drains where stagnant water builds up. Avoid stacking water especially those that were used for washing clothes. Use the used water right away for cleaning kitchen sinks, toilet bowls and flushing out dirt after using the bathroom. Otherwise, throw them away instead of inviting viruses that could give more risk on your health.

Know the enemy
General Cleaning Once A Month
Know which geographies have dengue
Use mosquito repellent
Cover Open Tanks
Know the time dengue mosquitos bite
Reduce mosquito habitat
Use Mosquito Nets at Home
Cover your skin as possible
Use mosquito deterrents in the home
Reschedule outdoor activities
Mosquito Wipes
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