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Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

Xmas Party Games

Xmas Party Games that will add some fun to your party.Includes small and large group holiday party.
Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

Everyone loves a relay race especially when it centers on Christmas. Gather a collection of items to represent those named in the Twelve Days of Christmas. You can find pictures on the Internet and recycled Christmas cards, or grab some items from around the house (i.e. a plastic bird to represent the partridge). Just make sure that the kids all understand which lyric matches each item (and label them if necessary). Divide the children up into two teams (youll need a complete set of items for each team). Give each team an empty bucket, and place two buckets with the items at the other end of the room. At the word go, the race will begin, with each team gathering the items in the order of the lyrics the first child grabs the partridge in the pear tree and brings it back to the team, the second child collects two turtle doves, and the game continues from there. The winning team is the first to collect all twelve items inside their bucket.

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