prevent dengue

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Apply Mosquito Repellants

Prevent Dengue

Apply Mosquito Repellants

This is the number one defense that you can do whether you are at home or not. Most of these Mosquito Repellants are in lotion form, which is safe to use, and the smell would not harm anyone, not even the kids. Of course, you could ask the attending pediatrician of your kids if you are not, sure which mosquito repellant is safe and recommended. Although, they are safe, you have to follow instructions for your benefit and the safety of your loved ones. You do not just use it if you would leave home; you have to use it every day, especially during dengue season, even indoors.

Avoid Pot Plates
Cover Open Tanks
Use Mosquito Nets at Home
Avoid getting mosquito bites
General Cleaning Once A Month
Know which geographies have dengue
Use mosquito repellent
Clear and Remove Stagnant Water
Avoid mosquito attracting smells
Cover your skin as possible
Scrub and Clean Container Margins
Use mosquito deterrents in the home
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