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Use Mosquito Nets at Home

Prevent Dengue

Use Mosquito Nets at Home

This is ideal for houses that do not have any protective window screens, particularly for those homes that have newly born babies and kids. Yes, it might sound too conservative and far from the modern gadgets and latest solutions that can be used, but mosquito nets are effective, especially to kids who could not protect themselves more than adults. Anyhow, there are cute modern designs of mosquito nets these days. These are advised too if you would go in a camping or activity where you have to sleep outside. It is better to be on guard than to be off guard because of the so-called fashion disillusions.

Avoid mosquito attracting smells
Use Mosquito Nets at Home
Know which geographies have dengue
Change Water Everyday
Avoid getting mosquito bites
Use mosquito repellent
Know the time dengue mosquitos bite
Keep Doors Closed Use Window Screens
Scrub and Clean Container Margins
Reduce mosquito habitat
Clear and Remove Stagnant Water
Cover your skin as possible
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