prevent dengue

Avoid Pot Plates

Prevent Dengue

Avoid Pot Plates

It is being discouraged to use pot plates since these are prone to attract mosquitoes and they are harder to clean. It needs consistent maintenance especially in securing that they are free from eggs that come from mosquitoes, especially from Aedes aegypti. Hence, if you would continue to use pot plates, make sure that you clean them regularly and scrub its sides and edges.

Avoid breeding grounds
Use mosquito repellent
Keep Doors Closed Use Window Screens
Clear and Remove Stagnant Water
Use mosquito deterrents in the home
Cover your skin as possible
Scrub and Clean Container Margins
Know the time dengue mosquitos bite
Change Water Everyday
Avoid mosquito attracting smells
Reduce mosquito habitat
Use Mosquito Nets at Home
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