precautions while using social networking sites

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Check your social media pages regularly

Precautions while using Social Networking Sites

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Check your social media pages regularly

Check your social media pages regularly. If there are any postings showing inappropriate behaviour, such as drunkenness, remove them immediately. If what you see concerns you, then investigate it. Do not automatically trust that posts are from who they claim they are; if your workmate sends you a private message asking for some confidential information first verify that he/she did really send you that message as their account might have been compromised.

Talk to your kids about social networking
To avoid giving away email addresses of your friends
Configure privacy settings
Make sure they are friendly friends
Accept only people you know
Be skeptical
confidentiality or an individuals breach of privacy
Be selective about who you accept as a friend on a social network
Google your own premises and check the results
Limit the amount of personal information you post
Customize privacy options
Use and maintain antivirus software
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