precautions while using social networking sites

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Precautions while using Social Networking Sites

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Someone who breaks into computers or computer networks and accesses a profile users information to get money or to break into other personal accounts. Some may also create false profiles or pose as another user. Privacy statements on sites like Digg discuss situations like this. The new owners may have new and different plans for using the information contained in the site. Changes in privacy policies may follow an acquisition. Watch for this when you hear about an acquisition and always read notifications about changes to privacy terms, acceptable use policies and user agreements.

Keep software particularly your web browser up to date
Remove any pictures with location data
Learn how sites can use your information
Manage your digital footprint
Check privacy policies
your personal bookmarks
Limit work history details on LinkedIn
Third level of privacy
Choose your social network carefully
Forget the popularity contest
Remove any geotagging dat
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