precautions while using social networking sites

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Be careful who you add as a friend

Precautions while using Social Networking Sites

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Be careful who you add as a friend

Be careful who you add as a friend, or what groups or pages you join. The more friends you have or groups/pages you join, the more people who have access to your information. Companies are looking for ways to prevent company confidential and proprietary information from slipping through the firewall. Most incidents probably occur via email or file transfers but IM chat tools, blog posts, Twitter messages and even online resume content could disclose proprietary company information. Even using social networking sites on company time or using company resources could be a violation of the companys acceptable use policy. Before you become the corporate poster child for some publically humiliating episode from using social networks at work, check your corporate AUP to make sure you arent violating the policy.

Use discretion before posting information
Security and Privacy
Be careful about installing extras on your site
confidentiality or an individuals breach of privacy
To avoid being tracked
Use and maintain antivirus software
Google your own premises and check the results
Keep software particularly your web browser up to date
Do not check in to different locations
Accept only people you know
Beware of TMI
What are social networking sites
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