precautions while using social networking sites

Limit work history details on LinkedIn

Precautions while using Social Networking Sites

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Limit work history details on LinkedIn

Would you put your full resume online for everyone to see? Probably not. It would be too easy for identity thieves to use the information to fill out a loan application, guess a password security question (like hackers did with VP candidateSarah Palins Yahoo account) or social engineer their way into your companys network. Limit your work history details on sites like LinkedIn. If you feel you need the added information to help in a job search, expand the details during the job hunting process and then cut back later after you have a position, leaving just enough information to entice recruiters to contact you with interesting new positions.

Control commentsBlogs
Remove any pictures with location data
Forget the popularity contest
Be selective about who you accept as a friend on a social network
Third level of privacy
Accept only people you know
Remember that the internet is a public resource
Assume that everything
Do not check in to different locations
confidentiality or an individuals breach of privacy
Security and Privacy
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