tips for smart work

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Tips for Smart Work

Being smart at work has become quintessential to getting noticed and tasting success in office.

Too often the attitude that we must work hard prevents us from quitting a task when we realize that the outcome isnt going to have the impact we had anticipated. There are times when its ok to quit.

When Steve Jobs created the LISA computer, he spent a significant amount of time and resources developing it. When he realized that it wasnt going to have the impact on personal computing that he had envisioned, he quit and created a different computer the Mac. Apple continued to develop LISA, while Jobs focused his attention on the Mac. In the end, Apple dumped hundreds of thousands of LISA computers in a Utah landfill while the Mac went on to revolutionize personal computing. Jobs succeeded because he decided to

Smart company
Control clients by communicating properly
Recognize the point of diminishing returns
Make an outline
Be flexible
Take naps
Spend time in nature
Evaluate your methods
Share Priorities
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