enjoy christmas day

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Spread good cheer

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Spread good cheer

Many people do have a hard time with the holidays. If you don t, let your light shine on the corners of others darkness. When I hear someone say, I can t handle this, or I m overwhelmed, or There s too much to do and I m tired. Aren t you? I bellow out good and loud NOT ME.

Decorate for Christmas
Love yourself and love the season but focus on others
Its only commercialized if you let it be
Have a homemade Christmas
Get your favorite DVD of all time to watch or one you have been dying to see
Find an outing that you can go to that is open on Christmas day
Christmas works on any budget
It isnt an intellectual debate
Enjoy the food
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry
When it is Christmas eve lay out your stocking and dont go to bed too late
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