enjoy christmas day

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Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry

The joyous part we talk about, but when you sit down finally at the end of a long day in your rocker in front of the beautiful Christmas tree to rest for a moment and enjoy the beauty, and put on your Luciano Pavorotti video and listen to him sing that duet with his arm around that precious little boy who looks up at him as he hits the high notes, innocently and easily, as little boys do, and the tears well up as you remember such a little boy who now has whiskers on his cheeks and is 6 2 and has a little boy of his own, let them. It s an emotional time. That s what memories are made of.

Love the Scrooges
The perfect gift
As it is Christmas you could take this opportunity to stay up late
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry
Spread good cheer
Have a homemade Christmas
Have a swap evening with friends in the run up to Christmas
Bake bustle and bedeck
Its only commercialized if you let it be
Its all about warm feelings
Buy yourself some gifts
Give your time
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