precautions while using websites

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Make sure they are friendly friends

Precautions while using Websites

Things You Shouldnt Give Social Networking Sites While websites like Facebook and My Spacemake.
Make sure they are friendly friends

The precautions you need to take when you are practicing online social networking are extremely crucial when dealing with strangers, or new friends. When you get a new friend request you need to be very careful. This may be an innocent person who is very honest, but it could be a predator looking to steel you identity of give your computer a virus. You should always scan these emails and any attachments they have before opening them. Always have your firewall on the highest you can to help prevent predators from getting to your information.

Assess the damage
What stays posted
Rotate all passwords
To avoid giving away e mail addresses
Family and friends
Your personal bookmarks
Check privacy policies
Avoid mentioning
Security suite
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