precautions while using mobile phones

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Return to the cord phone orlandline phone

Precautions while using Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls.
Return to the cord phone orlandline phone

Try taking most of your calls using the oldfashioned way of a phone plugged into the wall. If you like pacing as you talk, get a longer cord. At least make a large effort to take calls that you know will last a long time on a corded phone for your daytoday communications. Dont substitute it with a cordless phone for long conversations. These have their own questionable health impacts. For example, digital cordless phones radiate continuously even when theyre not in use.

Cell Phones
Reduce exposure
Distance between the phone and your head
Minimal reduction of exposure
Emits radiation
Make use of protective items to shield yourself from radiation
Balance the safety and convenience
Return to the cord phone orland line phone
Turn the cell phone off when not in use
Stay still when using a cell phone
Avoid using a cell phone when sick or pregnant
It uses less power and exposes you less
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