weird olympic sports

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Weird Olympic Sports


Ok, Olympics, now youre just laughing at poor countries. And since when is sailing a sport? Isnt it more an activity for bored rich people? Jeez, no wonder Mitt Romney was able to run this thing (I know he ran the winter Olympics, just suck it up, Im not going to let fact get in the way of a good joke). I mean, sailing was actually officially called yachting until 1996. Way to just draw a dick on Estonias face, Olympics (out of 43 countries that have won sailing medals, Estonia ranks 42nd with 2 Bronze medals Boom! Youve been Wikipediad).

Canoe Slalom
Solo Synchronized Swimming
Fencing s foundations
Swinging times
Equestrian Long Jump
Water Polo
Equestrian Jumping
Jumping for joy
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