myth about anger

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Domestic violence is not really that serious

Myth about Anger

myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
Domestic violence is not really that serious

Domestic violence is an illegal act and is considered a crime with serious repercussions. Although there are aspects of domestic violence (example: emotional, psychological, spiritual abuse) that may not be considered criminal in a legal sense, serious and long lasting physical, emotional and spiritual harm can, and often does, occur. Each and every act of domestic violence needs to be taken seriously.

Anger and aggression are natural for humans
Only certain types of people have a problem with anger
Domestic violence abusers can t control their anger
Domestic violence is not really that serious
Anger is all about getting even
Anger problems is often thought to be genetically inherited
Anger results from human conflict
Venting anger is always desirable
Anger management programs are briefer
Anger automatically leads to aggression
Domestic violence happens only in low income families
Domestic Violence is an anger control issue
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