myth about anger

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Venting anger is always desirable

Myth about Anger

myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
Venting anger is always desirable

The popular belief among mental health professionals and laymen was that the aggressive expression of anger, such as screaming or beating on pillows, was healthy and therapeutic. Research studies have found, however, that people who vent their anger aggressively simply get better at being angry. In other words, venting anger in an aggressive manner reinforces aggressive behaviour.

People with anger problems speak and act before they think
Anger is all in the mind
A person s anger is caused by others
Domestic Violence is an anger control issue
Domestic violence happens only in low income families
Frustration always leads to aggression
Only certain types of people have a problem with anger
Venting anger is always desirable
Males are angrier than females
Anger management programs are briefer
Anger problems is often thought to be genetically inherited
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