myth about anger

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Anger is inherited

Myth about Anger

myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
Anger is inherited

The way we express anger is inherited and cannot be changed. Sometimes, we may hear someone say, I inherited my anger from my father; that s just the way I am. This statement implies that the expression of anger is a fixed and unalterable set of behaviours. Evidence from research studies, however, indicates that people are not born with set, specific ways of expressing anger. These studies show, rather, that because the expression of anger is learned behaviour, more appropriate ways of expressing anger also can be learned.

Frustration always leads to aggression
Anger problems is often thought to be genetically inherited
Anger is inherited
Venting anger is always desirable
Anger slowly decreases with age
Domestic violence happens only in low income families
People with anger problems speak and act before they think
Conflict frustration and anger cause violence
Anger is all about getting even
Domestic Violence is an anger control issue
Domestic violence abusers can t control their anger
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