road safety

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Heavy Vehicle Drivers Keep track of your vehicle maintenance

Road Safety

Heavy Vehicle Drivers Keep track of your vehicle maintenance

It is mandatory that your vehicle be it car motorcycle, or heavy vehicle be regularly checked for maintenance. The vehicle should be always kept in good condition if we require the vehicle to perform well. This avoids the possibility of break failure, engine-clutch-gear failure thus leading to fatalities/accidents.

Cyclists Follow the traffic lights
Car Drivers Don t overload the vehicle
Car Drivers Never drink and drive
Car Drivers Carry important documents
Cyclists Don t pass too close to a stopped vehicle
School Children Crossing the road
Heavy Vehicle Drivers Be cautious
Motorcyclists Don t carry more than one Pillion
School Children Don t disturb the driver
Motorcyclists Always wear protective gear
Motorcyclists Be cautious
Heavy Vehicle Drivers Follow Road Rules
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