rules to play beach volleyball

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Rules to play Beach Volleyball



The service (or serve) is the act of putting the ball into play by the serving player in the service zone.


If the serving team wins the rally or a replay is directed, the player who served the previous rally serves again. If the serving team loses the rally, the next server on the receiving team serves the ball. If a player is discovered serving out of order, that player continues to serve with no loss of points. The opposing team remains in their service order, but the offending team will reverse their original order of service to ensure that no player will serve three consecutive terms of service. Excessive misuse of this privilege is unsportsmanlike conduct. AUTHORIZATION OF SERVICE

It is the responsibility of the server to assure that both teams are ready for service. A player on the receiving team may stop play when not ready for a service as long as no attempt to play the ball is made. In this case, the rally is canceled and replayed. Misuse of this privilege is unsportsmanlike conduct. EXECUTION OF SERVICE

The server may move freely behind the end line. At the moment of the service or take off for service, the server must not touch the ground outside the service zone. The players foot may not go under a boundary line. After the service contact, the player may land on the court or outside the service zone. The server contacts the ball with one hand or any part of the arm after clearly tossing or releasing the ball and before the ball touches the playing surface. SERVICE ATTEMPT

If the server releases the ball for service but does not attempt to complete the service motion, the referee will cancel the rally and direct a replay. A player may only receive one such replay during any one term of service. SCREENING

The servers teammates must not prevent the opponents, through screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball. On an opponent

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