movie locations you can actually visit

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Carrie Bradshaws apartment Perry Street NYC

Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Just in time for Halloween, we look at five horror movie locations that you can actually visit.
Carrie Bradshaws apartment Perry Street NYC

The City was a pop culture phenomenon TV show that HBO produced. It made a global celebrity out of Sarah Jessica Parker and cemented her reputation as a fashion icon reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Fans of the series undoubtedly will recognize Carrie Bradshaws apartment in New York City. The actual apartment of our favorite heroine is located in Perry Street. The image shows the front door of the apartment with Carrie just about to go out for a date with Mr. Big. & The City was everyones guilty pleasure and it did warm us up every Saturday night with its wit and humor.

The Seine in Les Miserables Avon Weir Bath UK
Ghostbusters Firehouse Tribeca NYC
Yavin 4 from Star Wars Episode IV Tikal Guatemala
The Notebook
OCP Headquarters in Robocop Dallas City Hall Texas
Amelies Cafe Cafe des 2 Moulins Paris
Sound of Music church Mondsee Austria
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Kings Canyon Australia
Monastery in The Hangover II Muang Boran Thailand
Dr Xaviers school in X Men Casa Loma Toronto
The location of Marilyns white dress scene 586 Lexington Ave NYC
Palace of Fine Arts as seen in Vertigo San Francisco
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