movie locations you can actually visit

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Tributes accommodation in Catching Fire Marriott Marquis Atlanta

Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Just in time for Halloween, we look at five horror movie locations that you can actually visit.
Tributes accommodation in Catching Fire Marriott Marquis Atlanta

One of the highest grossing films of late is the Hunger Games and its sequels. The image depicted here is the Tributes accommodation in the 2nd installment of the franchise, Catching Fire. It is actually a location in Atlanta, Georgia called the Marriott Marquis. As you can see in the second image being shown we have the movies three main characters played by Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. From the architecture of the structure it looks like a human chest cavity made out of concrete and steel. The style befits the themes tackled in the movie to great effect.

Ambroses headquarters in Mission Impossible 2 Bare Island Sydney
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Kings Canyon Australia
Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard Fox Plaza LA
The bridge where James Bond gets shot in Skyfall Varda Viaduct Turkey
Home of Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice Burghley House UK
Streets in Trainspotting Calton Street Bridge Edinburgh
The Seine in Les Miserables Avon Weir Bath UK
The lighthouse that Forrest Gump runs to Marshall Point Maine
Overlook Hotel in The Shining Timberline Lodge Oregon
Sound of Music gazebo Hellbrunn Palace Austria
Where the tanker rolled over in Mad Max Silverton Australia
The location of Marilyns white dress scene 586 Lexington Ave NYC
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