movie locations you can actually visit

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Gorlitzer Warenhaus Department Store Germany

Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Just in time for Halloween, we look at five horror movie locations that you can actually visit.
The Grand Budapest Hotel Gorlitzer Warenhaus Department Store Germany

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is one of the worlds most understated directors. He is such a genius in his craft that he makes each and every scene in his films unique and very art house like. In his latest movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Gorlitzer Warenhaus Department Store in Germany was transformed into his enigmatic hotel.When I saw this movie, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the location they used was actually a real location and of all places a department store. This is a testament to the vision of the director that brought us The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic.

Carrie Bradshaws apartment Perry Street NYC
Where the tanker rolled over in Mad Max Silverton Australia
OCP Headquarters in Robocop Dallas City Hall Texas
Amelies Cafe Cafe des 2 Moulins Paris
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Kings Canyon Australia
The Notebook
The lighthouse that Forrest Gump runs to Marshall Point Maine
The Seine in Les Miserables Avon Weir Bath UK
Sound of Music gazebo Hellbrunn Palace Austria
Ghostbusters Firehouse Tribeca NYC
Overlook Hotel in The Shining Timberline Lodge Oregon
Ambroses headquarters in Mission Impossible 2 Bare Island Sydney
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